Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another trip to Sable Island


Just wanted to let you know that on 12th December I am going into the field (Sable Island) until the end of January. So, obviously, I will not be posting until February. Hope to come back with another library of photos.

Last year when I went to Sable I felt some pressure to make sure I got some good images to sell. The result was that I would shoot about 100 photos a day. I still have not gone through all of those images. This time, with the training I have done this year, I hope to take more time to get good images without shooting lots.

Sometimes, when I see something really wonderful like beautiful light and some interesting animal behaviour or whatever, I get really excited and at the same time I become stressed because I am afraid that I will miss these sights. It makes onself aggressive, desperately trying to capture those moments on film. I think it is best to avoid falling into that mode; if you miss the moment then you should enjoy it in memory. There will be many more moments like that. Watch it and then let it go. If you are ready to capture it, then you should take the time to make sure you understand exactly what it is that is making you feel so excited; the light, subject, movement. Look at it and compose it in your mind. Once composed, it takes a second to shoot it.