Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Evolution of a photograph

I enjoyed reading this essay from an experienced professional - gave me hope that it's not just us "fumbling amateurs" that need multiple gos to sometimes get the image we see in our minds eye...

Close, but no cigar...

I missed the last meeting of the Cambridge Camera Club season (well, I missed pretty much everything from end Jan to end of the season), but, at the Annual Prize Giving, I came 2nd in the serial projected image competition. This is a 3 round, 2 images per round, open theme competition, running September to Feb. In my first CCC season, I came third overall in the club, then nowhere last season, and now 2nd! No cup, just a certificate. As this requires a degree of consistency, and I used 4 new images (all taken in the UK with not a spectacular foreign vista in sight), I was pleased with such a good result.

Although somewhat disillusioned with the Camera Club set-up, and now sans my partner-in-crime (and new Dad) Gareth, I will rejoin for season 2009/10, in the hope of learning something or being inspired.


How to get monitor and printer to match

A useful link, from Colour Wiki. My new LCD screen is way off, and I am seriously thinking to get a colour profiling device, like a Spyder or a Huey. Any experience from you guys and/or advice?