Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This time in mono

I was looking back over the blog, and noted Adam's excellent suggestion to convert my hands image to mono.

So, I have done this. I have also added a tilt-shift blur and a slight vignette.

I must admit, I do like the new image - great suggestion Adam.

Comments welcome as ever.


Tent view

Final image for today, another grab shot with the camera phone. Final view of the first day at the beachside campsite in Wales. Taken through the mosquito net, looking out to sea. Fuzzy for two reasons - the mosquito net fooled the simple auto focus of the phone, and it was quite a noisy image, so I softened it a bit to hide it a little. I think it gives an almost dreamy quality to it, which nicely fits in with the beer and tiredness-induced sleepiness that was descending on me rapidly. We moved the air mattress into the main living area of the tent, and fell asleep with this as the view. No one on the campsite, and no one (save the fence) obstructing the view. A perfect end to a perfect day.


It's good to Bee close...

Yup, corny title, but I am practising "witty" titles for the up-coming Camera Club season. Seriously, if I ever do start to use such titles, you all have my permission to disown me forever.

Another snap taken on the mobile phone. It's limitations are severe, but it has made me think about getting a decent portable camera, perhaps a Leica or something that has good image quality but slips in the pocket. We'll see...


Kite Flying

A simple image of our daughter, flying her kite while we were on holiday. It was really windy, and I wanted to get down to her level, and see the whole of the kite, string and her holding on (one-handed, despite my advice!). It has a totally different feel this low down.
I captured it on my camera phone, so not a great technical image, but one with bags of energy and "in the moment" appeal, I hope.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Latest News

Here is an image I shot over the weekend. Just a bit of fun...Damian

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Holiday Snap

Been a bit tied up recently so not much time for a post. Here is one I'm not entirely satisfied with, taken in the Shenandoah national Park in Virginia last month. Not sure if it's lack of potential or I just can't see the final image. Used my 17-40 at 29 mm on my 5D, 1/8 @ f16, ISO50. Post-mucking-about in LR2. Suggestons or is this a non-starter? Cheers, A.