Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Podcast - Interview with Miksang photographer Michael Wood

Miksang Podcast with Michael Wood

Michael Wood recently did an interview about Miksang with Paul Giguere, the
host of 'Thoughts on Photography', a web site that contains lots of
great interviews and articles that revolve around the notion of, as
Paul puts it, 'Living a Photographic Life'

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sable Island shipwreck

In January while on Sable Island I came across a shipwreck that was exposed albeit for a week or so. I took quite a few photos but didn't seem to be able to capture a strong relationship between the sea and the wreck. I really wanted this because the sea is of course the reason for the shipwreck being there. I also wanted to capture a sense of 'spookiness' since I felt that while walking around the wreck. Imagining the sea men that died as the ship hit the island.

Anyway, to get that shot I used a slow shutter speed at dusk with the camera positioned on top of a dune. Here is the result. Damian