Thursday, August 20, 2009


Taken in Cambridge last winter, I loved the soft early evening light on the brick and water.


Mother and Child - part 2

I posted this image about a year ago, but got no comments. So, I think it's OK to post again! I am thinking to enter it as part of the 6 image assault on the 2009/10 CCC Digital Projected Image Competition, so all comments gratefully received.


Peak District Leaves

A simple, long exposure shot, taken in the Peak District a few years ago. Not pushing the boundaries of the aesthetic, but quite challenging to get right.


Get a Life..

Who hasn't been guilty of this from time to time...?


Cartoon (c)

Paradise Lost

A shot, taken a couple of years back, from the small town in the west of Scotland (Linwood) that I grew up in. When we moved there, I was 3, it was 1971, and everything was shiny and new; the schools, the roads, the parks, the houses. It really was very nice and community-spirited and a great environment to grow up in. All the men worked at the newly opened car factory and the women either stayed at home to look after kids, or had jobs in Paisley (5 miles) or Glasgow (15 miles). The car factory shut, and it all changed.

Now look at it. This is taken at the shopping centre - mostly closed, boarded up, rubbish and dirt everywhere. The town is penned for re-development, but it'll likely never be what it was again. Very sad.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Photolife - Emerging Photographer

I entered this image into the Emerging Photographer contest with the magazine Photolife and was successful. The image is listed along with several other photographers of different styles.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Quick snap

Gentlemen - it's August so it's time for a monthly post. This was taken as a bit of an abstract snap whilst in Notre-Dame la Garde, Marseille in March with my Canon-G9. I use LR2 to convert the RAW and add a bit of colour back. I was trying to post something a bit different to my usual offereings - I'm not sure I like it myself, but anyway, let me know. A.