Friday, September 28, 2007

Two from Three

1. Bath Cresent

2. Shove tuppence

3. Window and Chair

Your thoughts on which are the strongest two for the up-coming 1st print competition would be greatly appreciated. I have a potential two picked, but not sure at this stage.


Horse, gull and sea

This shot was taken in 2000 ( I think) using my Nikon F90x on black and white film (Agfa). It was scanned in at 4000 ppi.

It was taken on Sable Island at the eastern end of the island. It is one of those images that capture a very rare moment in time. There is an obvious interplay between the gull in flight, the horse and its posture and the wild crazy sea. For me, it captures the wildness of the Island.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two for Monday

Ivan's kindly offered to print my selection for the first CCC print competition, the deadline for which falls on Monday. He also made the suggestion of which pair of images I should enter. For the church in Santorini at sunset, I absolutely agree. For the recessional columns, I'm not so sure, but it's going to be fascinating to find out!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Massive Update

Guys, thought you might like to know that I've done a massive update putting all of my photography from the last few months onto my flickr stream ( - there are about 300 new images on there - with a selection onto my photo blog at

I'd have put more onto the photo blog but it's such a faff having to upload them one-by-one.

I've categorised the flickr photo stream a bit but I need to do some major cataloguing - there are now 1,337 images up there in total, and none of them have titles, descriptions or tags - which I'd really like to get round to at some point.

Ivan, you've a much better eye than I do for what the CCC folk might be looking for, and I'd be interested to hear your views as to what to submit for Monday.

As Ivan knows (because he's already had a play with it), I bought a Canon 40D last week and I hope to put some first impressions on this new kit up here, soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Images from Brighton; June '07

Hi there,

I though I would post a few images from my trip to Brighton last June. I went for a walk down the seafront and shot images that I thought were appealing. It was just me, my eye and the camera....Damian

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Annual Exhibition

Big East Anglian Skies

Santorini Blue

These are the two images I'm submitting for the annual exhibition - assuming they come back from the printer quickly enough and I can get them mounted in time! The first we've seen before - it was an entry into the pictorial category of the annual digital championship last year and it did reasonably well - grabbed me a commended, I think.

The second is new - part of my haul from my honeymoon in Greece. The challenge with Santorini is that it's so beautiful, it's hard not to take the standard postcard shots so I hope this is a little different. The only post-processing that either of these has had is some sharpening, and a touch of rotation to get the cross vertical in the second image.

It's going to sink or swim on the quality of the prints - so I've got my fingers crossed.

Peak Heather and Barn - colour version and a more panoramic crop

The colour version of my CCC competition entry, with a different crop.

How does it compare to the competition version? Preferences?


Alternative Crop

You'll all have seen this image below before....

I wanted to try a new crop on it, to see if it could be improved or to just create a different effect. My crop is below...

I wanted to focus on layers; the river, the punt, the distant bridge, and bring out the shades and textures therein. Did I succeed? What do you think versus the original? Has seeing the original changed your view of the crop i.e. would you have liked the crop if you'd not seen the original for example?

Please, let me know what you think, or suggest (and post) your preffered crop.


The Art of Seeing

Images from last year's book of the same name. Some wonderful images here to inspire...


First Projected Image Competition - my entries

Image 1: "How Things Have Changed..."

Image 2: "Peak Heather and Barn"

With Image 1, I moved the old gent slightly away from the RHS, by creating a bit more wall - combination of cloning and painting shadows. This takes him away from the edge, which made for a slightly uncomfortable composition. I've also tightened up the composition, so he is more of a focus, and cropped out a dark LHS wall which added a distracting dark band to the LH edge. I've tidied up some of the cloning work to remove the circular table, and brightened up the old man's face a bit too, again to provide more focus.

With Image 2, it's a bit of an experiment to try something different with landscape. I've never really done any type of toning or sepia work, so it's a new thing, but I wanted to be trying something new, so that was the decision-making process. As for the image, I cropped it square and converted to black and white, then added a photo filter on top in CS. After some dodging and burning on a separate layer, I flattened, sharpened, and sized.

Let me know what you think? Competition is on Monday coming.


Monday, September 17, 2007

1st competition of the year

I really ran out of time this evening to decide which pictures I'm going to submit so I grabbed the first two which came into my head. I'm really interested to see how they get on. They're very, very different images and I'm cross with myself for not having thought more about which ones to submit. Hey ho!

Tea at the Science Museum

The Kiss