Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Massive Update

Guys, thought you might like to know that I've done a massive update putting all of my photography from the last few months onto my flickr stream ( - there are about 300 new images on there - with a selection onto my photo blog at

I'd have put more onto the photo blog but it's such a faff having to upload them one-by-one.

I've categorised the flickr photo stream a bit but I need to do some major cataloguing - there are now 1,337 images up there in total, and none of them have titles, descriptions or tags - which I'd really like to get round to at some point.

Ivan, you've a much better eye than I do for what the CCC folk might be looking for, and I'd be interested to hear your views as to what to submit for Monday.

As Ivan knows (because he's already had a play with it), I bought a Canon 40D last week and I hope to put some first impressions on this new kit up here, soon.

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