Thursday, September 20, 2007

Alternative Crop

You'll all have seen this image below before....

I wanted to try a new crop on it, to see if it could be improved or to just create a different effect. My crop is below...

I wanted to focus on layers; the river, the punt, the distant bridge, and bring out the shades and textures therein. Did I succeed? What do you think versus the original? Has seeing the original changed your view of the crop i.e. would you have liked the crop if you'd not seen the original for example?

Please, let me know what you think, or suggest (and post) your preffered crop.



Gareth said...

I think the crop makes it a very different image (duh!) which works in a different way. I don't prefer it over the other - you can't compare them like that.

I can see your layers coming across well. I worry about the muddiness of that shadow below the punt, particularly as you've been marked down for that before on this image. What's it like in colour now?

I think you should clone out the number on the inside of the punt.

Looking at the uncropped version some more and then back to this, the crop is growing on me. I was thinking that a wider crop to include the tops of the trees together with their reflections might work better, but on reflection (ker-tish) I think what you've done is better - the trees are implied by their reflections.

Critical Light said...

I agree with Gareth in that you can't really compare the crop with the original or that it doesn't make sense to. So, I am trying to look at this with a fresh eye.

There is a lot that I like in this new crop; the overhanging branches, the varied reflections in the water (really nice) and the trees on the far bank. The only thing I don't like is the punt. Having the punt cut straight across the photo doesn't work for me.