Thursday, September 20, 2007

Annual Exhibition

Big East Anglian Skies

Santorini Blue

These are the two images I'm submitting for the annual exhibition - assuming they come back from the printer quickly enough and I can get them mounted in time! The first we've seen before - it was an entry into the pictorial category of the annual digital championship last year and it did reasonably well - grabbed me a commended, I think.

The second is new - part of my haul from my honeymoon in Greece. The challenge with Santorini is that it's so beautiful, it's hard not to take the standard postcard shots so I hope this is a little different. The only post-processing that either of these has had is some sharpening, and a touch of rotation to get the cross vertical in the second image.

It's going to sink or swim on the quality of the prints - so I've got my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...


You know I love the first image - great picture and rightly did well in the competition last year. Local interest too.

The second image is great - simple shapes, great colours, texture, light and shade. All there. I like the cross on the lower third, and would have preferred to see the cross more, but the shadow ensures it's presence. Perhaps a tad too much sea for me so I'd have maybe cropped that a bit, but a minor comment. If there had been a little boat in the upper third, composition would have been perfect - no time to add one in, I assume?


Critical Light said...

The first image is great; very clean, nice colours from the brilliant yellows and blues to the more subtle browns and greens on the scarecrow. Nice clouds too. And a good sense of space.

I also like the second image. Very simple which is appealing. Nice shadow and the two hues of blue are really nice. In contrast to Ivan, I don't think there is too much sea; I think it has a good balance.