Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Correcting colour casts

I recently read an email post by Tim Grey on how to correct strong colour casts and thought I would demonstrate it here.

In this image one can notice a pink and green cast across two of the eggs, especially if you look at the lower righht egg. 

To remove this cast one does the following

1. Duplicate the Background and rename this layer Colour Correction
2. Ago to Filter>Blur>Average. This averages the colour values of the image and this is the colour of the cast.
3. To apply the opposite colour value to this since to remove the cast, go to Adjustments>Image>Invert.
4. Then above the Colour Correction layer apply the Blend mode 'Colour'.
5. Use the Opacity slider to adjust the strength of the blend until you have the original colour minus the cast, as shown in the image below.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Evolution of my photography

I recently presented a talk to the Contemporary Arts Society, Halifax on the evolution of my photography from when I began in the early 1990s to my present day work on Sable Island. The talk was very well received and was interesting to me too since it allowed me to see how my photography has changed and the elements that have shaped it.

This presentation will be posted on my blog, www.lidgardphotography.com/photoblog in a series of four parts over four weeks: I. where I was, II. where I went, III. what I found and IV. where I am.

Part I is online now.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Graceful gulls

This is a photograph of Greater Black-back gulls flying above a snow covered dune. There gulls are ferocious mean carnivores and will peck out the eye of seal pups, attack birds nests for eggs and chicks and go after some mammals such as rabbits. If one had this "label" in mind when photographing these birds it would surely influence the type of image produced. So, when I saw this image below, I threw out those labels and produced this image. Damian