Monday, September 17, 2007

1st competition of the year

I really ran out of time this evening to decide which pictures I'm going to submit so I grabbed the first two which came into my head. I'm really interested to see how they get on. They're very, very different images and I'm cross with myself for not having thought more about which ones to submit. Hey ho!

Tea at the Science Museum

The Kiss


Anonymous said...

Hey G
Interesting images - very different from what you may normally submit, so I too am interested to see how you go. I think the top image (Tea) is great - full of character and interest, and the bottom lighting is great too. The Kiss not so much my cup of tea, as he seems less into the Kiss than she - not his stiff body compared to her relaxed leaning in shape.

I'll post my two entries tomorrow - didn't bring the memory stick in with me this morning, and no broadband in the house. My first one is a slightly reworked version of the Old Man in St Mark's Square, retitled "How Things Have Changed..." and a sepia-toned landscpape, square format, from the Peak District. Bit of a gamble the second one. The first one may - again - have shadow issues, but we'll see...

Great talk last night. I think some of his stuff is tremendous, and I'm not even into portraits! May well try to give it a go, though.


Gareth said...

Part of the reason I chose these two (not that I can really claim to have put much thought into it, other than knowing that the post-processing requirement was quite low) was that they're so different and I wanted to see how they fared. Next time I'm going to think about ones which I believe are particularly CCC-friendly, because I'm not sure that either of these are!

I enjoyed the talk last night, very much. There's a link to his website from the CCC's website - some of his other stuff is really nice, too.

I've emailed Liz Hatten to ask about mounts - sizes, etc., and I'll let you know what I find out.

Oh, and finally:

Critical Light said...


The first image is very interesting...the expression on the faces, the hand on the lit table, the contrast of the bright light and brown hues in the cake. The only thing I don't enjoy is the background too distracting...although it does add to setting the scene...

The second image is good too...feels very fresh...and I really like the brilliant whites against the greens and light browns...nothing distracts the eye from the two subjects...

It doesn't feel staged, which it easily could do' seems quite natural to me. The pose of the guy is unusual but I like it....