Thursday, April 01, 2010


Just a quick one as I'm pushed for time (but trying to be a better bolgger). Took this about 8 years ago at Seattle zoo when on a buissness trip. shot on Fuji Provia (transparency) on my trusted Minolta. Scanned as a TIFF, cropped and not done much else. I like the way the eyse are almost like sockets with holes which gives it a little bit of a creepy feel. Any suggestions for improvements? Happy Easter one and all.


Anonymous said...

I quite like this - interesting animal portrait, and not how one usually sees an elephant. Like the symmetry and how the slanting light pulls out the undulations of the skull - really good.

Maybe it's my screen, but I'd like to see a little lifting of the shadow areas - there's details there (good exposure control), but it's hard to see. If it were lightened a little, I think it would benefit greatly. Needs a subtle lift only.

Great shot.


Damian Lidgard said...

An interesting shot. I really like the texture on the forehead with the skin and hair and the shadows. I agree that the Shadows are quite intense and do need a little lifting. I am somewhat disturbed by the eye socket because that and the withdrawn skin at the top makes me think the elephant is dead and decomposing. If I could see the eye the shot, to me, would be much better.


Colin said...


I think I've become a fan of deep, dark shadows, heretical as it may be, and so I quite like this as it is. However, I'd be interested to see the lifted shadows. Too much and this might become YAEP (yet another elephant photo).