Sunday, June 06, 2010

Holiday Snap

Been a bit tied up recently so not much time for a post. Here is one I'm not entirely satisfied with, taken in the Shenandoah national Park in Virginia last month. Not sure if it's lack of potential or I just can't see the final image. Used my 17-40 at 29 mm on my 5D, 1/8 @ f16, ISO50. Post-mucking-about in LR2. Suggestons or is this a non-starter? Cheers, A.


Colin said...

It's a pretty scene, but it doesn't do much for me, sorry. Is that vignetting around the corners? Did you add that?

Anonymous said...

Me likewise. Nice snap, as you say, but it has several issues for me; overly darkened at the top relative to the bottom looks unreal, the dead tree would be a cool feature but is lost in the forest behind, the waterfall is pretty but too small in the scene relative to the large rock front right (and it looks like it flows into it, rather than a pool). I can see what you saw in it when looking with your eyes, but it hasn't translated that well. Might work as a nice brochure shot for the park, but not one of your best (which I think you already kind of said).


stasher1 said...

Thanks guys, confirmed what I thought. I did add vignetting but I'm reading that this was not a good move. LR2 - too many sliders, too many temptations!