Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tent view

Final image for today, another grab shot with the camera phone. Final view of the first day at the beachside campsite in Wales. Taken through the mosquito net, looking out to sea. Fuzzy for two reasons - the mosquito net fooled the simple auto focus of the phone, and it was quite a noisy image, so I softened it a bit to hide it a little. I think it gives an almost dreamy quality to it, which nicely fits in with the beer and tiredness-induced sleepiness that was descending on me rapidly. We moved the air mattress into the main living area of the tent, and fell asleep with this as the view. No one on the campsite, and no one (save the fence) obstructing the view. A perfect end to a perfect day.


1 comment:

stasher1 said...

Agree about the dreamy quality - really lke this. a great memory shot.