Friday, November 17, 2006

The Launch of my photography website (finally)

In the end, I got tired of trying to find time/energy/enthusiasm for writing my own site. So I opted for convenience and, for £40 (£35 annual subscription, £5 up front 2 year payment for domain name), I have gone down the web template route with a purchased domain name. Also, Damian finally niggled me into doing something about this recently – thanks Damo!

Anyway, have a look – you’ll have seen most of the pictures before, but there are some new ones on there. I can  upgrade to larger space/greater features if needed.

The provider I have can also integrate to Paypal, so you never know…

I have, rather grandiosely, called it:





Gareth Marlow said...

Congratulations! And you wouldn't catch me ever having a vanity domain name ;)

Sorry I've been rather quiet of late - I've been in the process of getting a new job and resigning from the old one which has been rather tiring and stressful.

The good news is that I'll be on the site directly over Clarkson Road from Camera Club...

ivan said...

Hi Gareth

Good to hear from you. I hope to get back to the club soon.

I'll be in touch again next week - I may even get along on Monday evening...

Hope the new job goes well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan,

Like the new site. Very clean and professional. Very pleased that you finely made it. Good job...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan,

Also - congrats on the site! Finally made it and without too much HTML pain!

I like it. The site works nicely, clean and simple. One thing I'd mention - if you have regular news then cool - however are you sure you'll have a lot of news articles to post? Maybe a redundant section?

Very small point - nice job!