Thursday, October 01, 2009

Available light

Available light is my second photography exhibit and at the same gallery as last year. This exhibit will feature myself and three other photographers that will present work of images captured using only the available natural light and careful consideration of the moment. The idea is to show the ever present beauty in every day life.

The exhibit will run for one month and will open on the eve of Nocturne; an evening event when many galleries in Halifax open their doors to exhibits on show for that evening.

In our case the images from the four photographers will be projected on to a 12 foot screen in a park opposite the gallery. Three musicians (violinist, cellist and guitarist) will play a one-hour 4 to 5 movement piece composed for these images. In a sense, a musical interpretation of the images.

My work will be a series of images of light striking my bathroom basin. This particular light occurs only during the summer, enters through a window and bends around the basin. The light creates wonderful patterns of shadow and light.

Unfortunately I will be on Sable Island for the opening (!) but will be able to see the gallery exhibit.



stasher1 said...

A great acheivement - very best of luck with the exhibiton

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, to get a repeat showing..! The music thing sounds a bit poncy to me, but each to his own. Your images are interesting detail shots, which, if nicely cropped and composed (as these are, don't say they are "random" please...) present pleasing patterns and shapes. Not my "bag", per se, but photo-art is a wide church, and there will no doubt be loads who like them, especially as photos often take on a new gravitas when printed big.

When is the book of the exhibition of the musical out?!