Monday, July 13, 2009

Back from the dead......

I'm back and promise to post at least once a's a shot a took at sunset in march at Blakeney. Any thoughts welcome. 24mm, f11, 1/10, iso 100, with tripod. Adjusted levels in LR2 and used LR2 graduated filter to darken sky two stops. With regard to the discussion around calibration, I've used Spyder2 for a couple of years and I'm very happy...more soon, A.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

Welcome back!

Great moody shot - I know Blakeney well (North Norfolk); we have spent a week there in each of the last 2 years, and the landscape is unique. I've taken a lot of shots there, and I like this a lot; sums up the area well, but has a dark, sombre, brooding feel. The way the water catches the light is essential. And the curve of the water is very pleasing, as is the wet sand. I like the crop too, with only a sliver of sky.

One criticism; looks a tad "artificial", like you've over-darkened or over-worked the feel, as the sky is way too dark for how the land looks - I'm all for optimising light and shade, but it has to look dramatic and not fake. This is well done, but my initial thought was it's been a bit over-cooked. Maybe have another go.


stasher1 said...

Thanks Ivan. Good to be back. think i agree with you - something had been bothering me about it. It may stem from this being one of the first shots processed in LR2 and I may have been getting carried away with the ease of use!! I also think i may have inadvertanly added a blue rather than ND graduated filter when adjusting the sky in LR2. I'll have a play and see how it goes..