Friday, July 24, 2009

Keeping the ball rolling?

I thought I should add something, anything, in light of today's email.

I played a little with Adam's image, desaturating the red and yellow a lot. The idea was to make things look gloomier. I wanted to keep the sky fairly colourful, though, to emphasize the gloomy foreground. It was a very quick and dirty fiddle. Thoughts?

BTW, is this some sort of tidal river?


Damian Lidgard said...

Well that is a good start and a good example of how we can post without submitting an image.

I actually like this different look. The contrast of the almost B/W with the blue hues in the sky works for me. Perhaps a tad too dark.


Anonymous said...

I like this too - the new colour palette fits better I think. Good treatment - be interesting to see what Adam thinks.

Not a tidal river I don't think - the area in North Norfolk (this was taken in Blakeney) is salt flats, which food when the sea comes in. Not sure what these inlets are called, but they get pretty much flooded at various times of the day, leading to this when the tide is on the way in or out.

stasher1 said...

Hi Colin,

good idea - I agree about the darkness being a little overwheming but I guess that adds to the gloomy atmosphere you were hoping for. I still thnk there is too much blue in the sky (see prrevious) which i must have a tinker with. all the best, Adam