Monday, December 05, 2005

African Savanna or a Field off the A11..?

Well, no prizes for guessing which!

This is a field off the A11, on my way to work. It's actually the field next to the one with the corn. It had caught my eye several times, as the row of trees on the horizon looked very simple and striking. I knew that if I could get there one lunchtime, I could get a nice image (weather permitting).

On this particular day luck was with me. Not only were there nice interesting fluffy clouds, but they were moving across strong sunlight, causing fast-moving cloud shadows on the ground.

This lasted only the briefest of moments, but I was able to capture a few images with the nice shadow stripes on the field adding much more interest. Later, I cropped the images to get the most out of the composition.

Which works best? Open to comment...



Critical Light said...

Hi Ivan,

I prefer the landscape format because, for me, the trees are the focus, the most striking part of the picture and the landscape format accentuates that. After seeing the trees I then notice the sky and then the grass and sunlight, both of which wrap up the image. But the colours in the sky and the grass are just perfect. Great work.


Ivan said...


Thanks for the comments. I think I agree with you: the landscape format works best, as it has a more natural flow to it, and the sky isn't interesting enough to really have the same impact in the portrait format. I have been back there, when the wheat was ready for harvesting, and it's totally different again, as you get the swaying and shapes of that rather than the short grass of the posted images. I'll try and post these too, and get your comments.