Friday, December 02, 2005

The end of our first week blogging.

What can I say? It's been an interesting week: we set up this blog, and we've started sharing our images and ideas. I got a metaphorical kick up the ass to get out there, and I did - and I was really pleased with the results. Damian's been on a couple of forays, and brought back some really good images. Hopefully more pics next week, and more discussion. Still waiting for our first "outsider" to log a comment...any takers?

I thought I'd nominate my choices for our "Photos of the Week".

Damian's lovely sunrise is stunning, and a worthy recipient.

I am also very pleased with my early morning offering, and I think it's also worth a mention.

I think these images both show why we love doing this so much....



bishopsindubai said...

Hi Ivan and Damian!

Great blog! Amazing shots... my fav shots so far - Damian's Surf along South Beach, Sable Island, NS, Canada - stunning image, I have always been a sucker for dramatic black and white as well as the power of nature and the sea. This really captures it so well.

I really liked the lights in the River Cam - it seems to me like a beatiful abstract shot, almost Monet with the ripple difussion...

This week's Oscar for technical abilty has to go to the Corn... beautiful shot, looks stunning, but great to read and learn about the process behind it.

And Ivan - to answer your question on how to set the header image - go to settings and ten the description box. The page works using html so you can put html in this box too. My header is:

[a href="" title="Photo Sharing"][ img src="" width="500" height="126" alt="Camels!"/][/a][br[
Just a couple of expats...[br] these are not the expats you are looking for...[br] move along...

You need to change the square brakets from [] to <> (i can't post html in these comments). Then put in the url of your photo.

Let me know if not clear!

Anyway - great blog guys! I will add in a link in our little blog for you...

Keep it up!

All the best from the Sand Pit,


Ivan said...


Thanks for the comments. We'll certainly try to keep the pictures coming over the months ahead. I may diverge from images of Cambridgeshire, as there's only so much "flat" one can take...

Thanks for the insight into how to put the picture in the header. Basically, I wasn't sure how to link to an image, but I see you've done if from your flickr account, so now it makes sense. I have tinkered with the html code a bit (usually working with an offline copy first to make sure I don't completely screw it up), so this should be OK once I can link to a url of an image.

Just noticed that that thermometer is 70C!!!! How is your car dash not melted?