Friday, December 16, 2005

Peak District Images

Here are a few images from the beautiful Peak District National Park. I've been there a couple of times, to attend courses run by the Peak District Photography Centre.

Above Crowdecote

This image was a bit of a fluke, capturing the cloud shadow moving rapidly over the field and tree patterns I was actually interested in. The shadow creates a sense of movement and some drama to an otherwise quite interesting scene.

I have adjusted the levels on this one, to accentuate the shadow slightly, but not much. This was taken about 1 hour before the biggest thunder and lightening storm I've seen for ages, and the sky gives a clue to what's coming...

Peak District Tree
This image was taken near The Roaches, which is a well-known local geological landmark. The tree stands alone on high ground, allowing it to be nicely isolated using a mid-range telephoto setting, and works well with the gently curving shape of the stone wall in the foreground.
All comments welcome.


Critical Light said...

Hi Ivan,

The first image works so well because of the feeling of movement. It really adds to the photo. Without this the photo would still work but would not stand out as much. I like it. There are also interesting shapes in the foreground which complement the background where there are no obvious shapes. The absence of trees in those centre fields accentuates those shapes.

I also like the second image. Mostly because of the tree, the greeness and the curvature of the wall. Speaks to me. What I would do is crop the lake in the background so that you create a green and black image. The lake also distracts the eye away from the tree.


Ivan said...

I agree - the lake in the top corner has always bothered me..! And you are right - the moving shadow adds greatly to the first image, and makes it what it is. Lucky to be there when it happened!