Saturday, December 03, 2005

My favourite "Photos of the Week"

Well, I am really pleased with this blogging thing. It encourages you to do more photography, and it's just nice to get some feedback. Great idea, and I hope it will continue as productively as this first week.

These are my favourite photos of the week.

Of the photos Ivan posted, this one is a sure winner because of the beautiful sky, the framing, colour balance, and the forground reminds me of the English countryside.

And this one. Because it just speaks to me. I can see it hanging in my living room above the fireplace.

Next week I hope to take some photographs from some lakes that are around Halifax, and I have a few pics of autumn colours that I took a while back.



bishopsindubai said...

P.S. Have you guys had a look at Some photo groups on there... a lot of "pics" but some more serious forums etc...

It's now banned in the UAE (yes - web is monitered and sites are banned for "religious, moral reasons).


Like it - keep it up!


Critical Light said...

Hi Grant,

Thanks a million for the blog. It's great to get some feedback and encouragement. I like your work; the pic of the camels is great,...has a good feeling of 'flow' to it,...