Monday, September 11, 2006

First Competition Entry


Below, I have posted two images. These are the ones I have selected for the first internal photo competition next week (18th) at the camera club. I have submitted them via email (as tonight is the deadline) since I can't make the camera club - tonight, we're out celebrating our anniversary.

There's no category for the entry; just two images I want to be discussed on club night. Your thoughts - if anyone is out there - are always welcome.



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Critical Light said...

Hi There,

Sorry for being so bad at keeping in touch. The photography is keeping me busy and I recently had a 1 week down period with my computer due to some silly software issue. Anyway. Will try to do better.

For the photos. You already know how I feel about the lower image and I would be surprised if you didn't win something with this.

It is a little difficult to judge the top image because I can not enlarge it. My first impression is a good one and the colour of the plants in the foreground and there form is quite striking to the eye. Not sure though if it distracts too much from the background, since the the background is also interesting.