Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I got a "First Place" grading in the CCC photo comp!


Well chuffed. One of my images "Flower Meadow in Italian Dolomites" won a "First Place" grading by an East Anglian Panel Judge (not from our Club)! There were 95 images and 5 got such a grading. My other image "Cambridge Punt" was not selected for grading, but very pleased nonetheless! Has whetted my appetite for future competitions and intra club competitions too.

Got a certificate to prove it too...

I'll post the full image later (when I have a copy to hand). I have a new laptop from work (and excellent 8Mb wireless broadband, btw) and not all my images are on there yet.




Gareth Marlow said...

With Google, noone can hide!

Good to meet you last night, Ivan, and congratulations on your placing - well deserved, and one of the few true photographs - as distinct from snaps - that I saw.

Anyway, hope your imminent arrival goes smoothly, and hope to catch up with you at the Camera Club soon.

Critical Light said...

Hey Ivan,


Very pleased for you. Please do post a larger size image. Would like to grade it myself.

I am surprised though that the punt didn't get anything. Any thoughts on that?

Well done...


Ivan said...

Gareth - thanks for the comment: praise indeed after browsing your blog! Great images on there - really good.

Damo - I'll post a larger sized image for you to have a look at and assess. Always welcome. Don't be biased, now, even though this is, technically, a prize-winning shot...!!!!!

Cheers both

Ivan said...


As for the punt - I was a bit surprised too. It was literally the first image shown, and she had gone 5 or 6 images in before she was reminded that she had to say which ones she wanted held back. She went back to the one AFTER mine, but not back further. I know she said she wanted more detail in the shadow areas of the boat hull and relection, but in the orginal there IS detail and I think there were some images selected for grading that, in my opinion (biased as I may be), were not as strong. Still, can't grumble - really can't.

Gareth - you were there; what did you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan,

Well done! First attempt and first prize... can't get much better than that...

Still no news of other things?

Did you get my email ok? Not sure if you at work or not?

Well done again!


Gareth Marlow said...


I think you're right that you missed out because she'd forgotten about holding the first few back. Relative to the other images which received some kind of grading, I think she'd have given it some kind of placing, notwithstanding her comments about having lost detail on the underside of the punt.

I wasn't overly impressed with her analysis in general, to be honest. In my view, she should have attempted to be more methodological - although I appreciate that she didn't have much time. Nevertheless, I can't really say too much as I've only been a member for a week and haven't submitted any photographs for criticism yet!

As to my view on the punt photograph? I think it's a good image; interesting post-processing; good technique. But I don't think it's as strong as your winner. The composition feels a little unbalanced with too many competing subjects - the encroaching branch, the punt, the bridge. All of these things are on the right which leaves the relative emptiness of the top-left corner a little unbalanced.

But these are small and subjective issues, and in my view it was in the top 20% of those we saw on Monday. The Flower Meadow image was outstanding, though :)