Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flower Meadow Image - Larger file for Review


I have posted a larger version of the image from CCC the other night. Hope you can access it alright.

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Critical Light said...

Hi there,

Here is my rating for the prized photograph. Will not to let its success sway my ranking. This is one of those photographs though that needs to be reasonably large for it to be scored adequately. The thumbnail gives a different impression than the larger photo which I am about to score. If this this photo were to be framed, it would definitely have to be at least 11" by 14" for it to be appreciated. Best to push it to 16" by 20" or beyond. Would certainly add a quality to a room.

Impact - 9
Large impact for me. The immediate reaction is to the colour of the crocuses, and there sharp focus. From there the eye is drawn into the photo and each time it sees something pleasing. But it is those pinkish crocuses that really add the impact.

Composition - 9
The photo is very well composed. There is great depth so the eye can go right to the back of the photo exploring. There is not too much sky and it is contained by the mountains which is a nice effect. The mountains are there but not too domineering. The green grass leads the eye from the fore to the background and is a wonderful green colour. The crocuses add a lot of character to the foreground and brilliant colour. What stops this photo from getting a 10 is the dominance of the flowers in the foreground. Again, this was more evident to me in the thumbnail and is less so in this larger photo so perhaps it will be less in a much larger version. However, here, I cannot help but feel as though the crocuses are stopping the eye from flowing into the photo. There might also be an issue with the taller pieces of grass interferring with the skyline a little.

Actually the more I look at this photo the more I see. I have just noticed that the pink crocuses are dotted throughout the grass further into the image. Nice.

Light/Colour - 10
Well I really like the light and colour. The pinks, greens, the mountain colours, the bluish mist in the background, the stormy feel to the sky and the little amount of blue beyond. Brilliant colour and light.

Technical skill - 9
I also admire the skill here. The flowers are nice and sharp and the depth field is just right. It looks as though the light was quite low so the good depth field is quite the achievement. Good subject, good composition, good light.

Originality - 7
It's not a very original photograph but the use of the flowers to add so much character to the foreground I think is. I like that even though it might be a little domineering.

Overall - 8.8 rounded up to a 9
It's an exellent photo. One that you should certainly be proud of.