Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One Image, Two Interpretations (re-posted Blog entry)

Note: I have reposted this, as we had a spam comment on the last entry, so I deleted it.

OK Chaps. Here’s the next Blog Assignment. Basically, we each post an image, unadulterated by any form of digital manipulation, straight from the camera. This should be the full uncompressed file.Then, we each take said file away, and do something to it. Interpretation is anything you want, literally. We each have to then present the manipulated image, and just describe what and why you did what you did. I don’t propose to stipulate any precise categories that we need to stick to: just make sure to describe your vision for the image, why you decided to do this, and then tell us how you did it. You can try as many different things are you want, but you must only submit one manipulated image back to the blog.

The person submitting the image can’t manipulate his own during the competition, but scores the other two’s interpretations via the following categories.

Creative Intent: how much did you like the vision that was created for your image?I

mpact: Like our normal category, how did the manipulated image work for you, compared to how the image started?

Delivery: How well was the Creative Intent put into practice? If the Creative Intent and Impact are high, this should be a good score too. However, the intent could be good, but the delivery poor, and so this will reflect that.

Technical skill: How well was the delivery actually done in terms of digital manipulation. For example, delivery could be good, but some specific aspect could have been better, so this can be the place to describe.

Overall: Average of the above, with your closing comments.All scores out of 10, as usual.After the two interpretations are back in, the submitter can then post his interpretation of his own image, which can be scored by the other two if desired, but it is not necessary.The other two entrants (Grant and Damian) each submit one photo as above for scoring by the other two as above.At the end, we compare all our score averages.Let me know what you think, and if you have any additional comments on the proposed format.

My initial image is from a 2003 trip to the USA. It’s of Mono Lake, California. The image has potential, I feel, so over to you chaps.

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