Friday, March 14, 2008

Eskimo - Part 1

A picture of our little one, Abby, taken just last week. She was in her car seat, me in the front passenger seat. I've not optimised the black and white treatment - will do so and re-post, but just wanted some initial feedback, primarily on the image and composition. Advance input to help me get the b+w right would be good also.



Critical Light said...

I like this image. Nice and tight composition. Not too much of the hood but enough to really add to the feel of the photo. The wisps of hair add a lot too and the eyes have great contact the the viewer. Good shot.


Gareth said...

It's a delightful shot. Seems very murky, though - you need to lift the levels. The histogram looks jammed over to the left hand side. How did you do the b+w conversion? If it was through the channel mixer, I'd look to take more from the red channel to lighten her skin tone relative to the rest of the image.

Anonymous said...

G - I KNOW it's murky!!! I said as much in the blurb intro..."not optimised the conversion" means a quick desaturate on my Mac (work) which does not have PS on it! Part 2 will have the proper BW conversion. Thanks for your comment on the shot too - I liked it's simplicity.