Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ivan's Entries for the 2008 Annual Digital Competition

Below are my 5 entries for the Cambridge Camera Club Annual Digital Competition. The categories are the same each year;

This category includes formal and informal portraits, figure studies, groups and people in action.

The use of any technique to create an image that transcends the bounds of reality and so stimulates the mind of a receptive viewer.

Here there is complete freedom of imagination and technique to produce an image of any subject in such a way as to achieve an individual interpretation of reality. Landscapes would normally fall within this category.

A category for photographs that are a factual representation of any subject excluding Plants & Animals, giving detail and
maximum information on the subject specified in the title. High technical excellence is required in this category.

Photographs must be accurate record shots of the living plant and animal, world giving detail and maximum information on the subject specified in the title. Photographs of mounted specimens, obviously set arrangements, or derivatives are ineligible. Factual, not cute, titles are required. The image must convey the truth of what the author saw at the time of taking. Whether produced in a conventional darkroom or via a computer, any manipulation of the image must be confined to the removal of minor blemishes or distractions. The final image must have been produced from a single negative, transparency or digital recording and must not be a combination of images. No section of a single image is to be duplicated and incorporated into the final image.

I have entered 2 for the Pictorial category. These are below.

Sunset Beach Walkers

Abandoned Bike

I have also entered 2 for the People category. These are below.

Eskimo Girl


Finally, just to be different, I entered this image for the Record category.

Rusty Door Bolt

Please let me know what you think.



Gareth said...

Hi Ivan,

A strong set. Now I'm gutted because I should have thought about putting something in for the Record category, given the unmitigated sh1t which usually appears there!

If beach walkers doesn't do extremely well, we might as well seal the decision to give up on competitions because it's really very good.

Abandoned Bike is a bit less interesting for me. The tonal range is quite narrow and the lighting is flat. Sorry, just doesn't do that much.

Eskimo Girl is fab. Loads of punch - funny title - tight composition.

Untitled is less my cup of tea, but you've got the catchlights so...

All in all, I predict a placing for Beach Walkers, Eskimo Girl and possibly Rusty Door Bolt. Let's see how wrong I am!

Critical Light said...

I like four of the five. Untitled is not my cup of tea. I have commented on the beach walkers, portrait and the bolt before. I like all three. I like the bike, there is a story there to be told although the bike feels like it should be pushed over to the left more. I probably wouldn't have included the whole bike in the frame.
Good luck...