Friday, March 14, 2008

Surf at dusk

This is an image I shot on Sable Island. It was taken at dusk, I had the camera on a tripod with my 100-300mm zoom lens and the camera set at: 10 seconds at f4.0, 250mm, ISO100, RAW.

In CameraRAW I optimised the image by adjusting the levels and curves and so on. This is a technique that I haven't used much before.

Not sure about the quality of the JPEG however.



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Gareth said...

Damien, I think this is possibly my favourite of all of the images I've seen from you. Very creative and effective.

Anonymous said...

I love this too. Very much reminds me of the abstract colour paintings of Mark Rothko of whom I am a HUGE fan, so I really really like this image. The colour bands are superb. Excellent stuff.
PS Who the f**k is "Dr Sam" above?

Critical Light said...

Thanks for the comments chaps. I don't know who Dr Sam is and I looked to see if we can delete comments but I guess not, unless we start moderating them, which is a pain.

I am off to England tonight for 2 weeks, with my Canon 40D of course.

See you when I get back...