Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Horsing Around..?


My take on Colin's recent horse eye pic. I did it in a hurry, so not completely tidy in places, but I went for a mono image with a colour splash, to highlight what the horse sees. I also put the whole eye in the shot (my earlier comment) and tried to leave as much space for the horse to look into.
Thoughts welcomed



Damian Lidgard said...

I like this version. The crop works very well and centers your attention on the eye which is bright and clear. Nice detail too in the whiteness of the eye to the right of the pupil. Good ('fast') job.

stasher1 said...

Agree, the colour splash really makes it for me. Sometimes this approach can look a bit like "who's been on a PS course" but here its subtle enougth to add to the picture...nice one Ivan.

Colin said...

Very nice, I agree! I thought about trying to do this, but (i) I was afraid you guys might say it was cheesy, and (ii) I was too lazy. But now I see it, I think it works!