Saturday, March 20, 2010

Market buskers

This is an image I took a while ago at the local Market. These lads use to play often there. I took this by climbing up some stairs above them.


Anonymous said...

Positives: I like the informal, candid nature of the shot. It summs up the mood quite well. The blurred hands show action a bit.

Negatives: Doesn't capture the essence of performance that well. No good sense of playing, although the blurred hands are a nice touch. I find the angle off-putting as is the dude scratching/picking his nose.

An OK quick snap, a good record of the event, but not one of your best. Maybe benefits from you being there, but not for me who wasn't.

Thanks for sharing it, though. Good to have the posts and comments back!


Damian Lidgard said...


Gosh, I have to disagree. Firstly, the lad in front is not picking his nose but rather playing a harmonica with his eyes closed (for sense of concentration). Not sure how else one creates a good sense of playing: one is playing harmonica and both guitarists are strumming. What else could they do?

I love the angle but then I am odd like that...I also like the colours, basically blues and orange/browns...

And perhaps you had to be there...or perhaps its this bizarre warm weather we are having here...?


Colin said...

I rather like the angle, it makes the scene more dramatic (?). There a photog for the local rag that uses that trick a lot.

I thought the fellow in the black shirt was picking his nose/teeth too. Too bad about the hat too.