Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Way back in October 2006 I visited Montreal and went to Mount Royal. Both of these pics are from there. Like the boat in the previous post, they seem to have a painterly feel to them.


Anonymous said...

Both of these are a little uninspiring to me. The bottom one has a nice composition, and it may lend itself to an "infra-red" type treatment, as green is the overall colour. Mono may work too. Worth re-doing and reposting?

Damian Lidgard said...

The reason why I posted these was because they give off a painterly feel like the previous post, but more subtle so it is probably lost on the web. Its much stronger when you view the full-res files. Otherwise they are not that insipiring.

I was wondering what elements of a pic lead to this sense of a painting. I thought it might be a little blurriness but the boat pic is quite sharp.


Colin said...

I prefer the boat pic. These two don't really do much for me, sorry.

stasher1 said...

Actually, I really like the bottom one. the row of three perfectly positoned trees on the right creates a nice frame for the two trees that look slightly out of focus. This is where the painterly feel comes from for me, as daminan suggests, but I am guessing the lack of contrast helps as well. I suspect if this was a massive print hanging in a gallery, one might look at it for ages. in its smaller format some contrast or a darker forground make help promote interest, but I like it the way it is anyway.

It is great to see some posts and get a good discussion going - lets keep it up. have a good w/e, Adam