Monday, November 28, 2005

Cambridge In The Autumn - Part 1

Here are a few shots taken recently in and around Cambridge. Using the new IS (image stabilisation) feature of the recently-acquired 17-85 EF-S lens for the 350D. All images hand-held, at between 1/5th and 1/15th of a second. The combination of the IS, and the 350D's excellent 800-1600 ISO, means that these have come out acceptably sharp. There is digital noise, but this is unavoidable, and I have not tried post-processing to suppress the noise..yet.

The top image has been given a bit of a misty feel, which I'm not sure I like that much.

The middle one is much truer to the real scene, except it was much darker than

The last one is just a snap of the city lights reflecting in the River Cam on the cycle home.

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Critical Light said...

Hi Ivan,

As I said earlier, what I like about these two images is the symmetry. It makes the trees look like something more than just trees. The reflections of light in the water is also an interesting image. And I can appreciate the value of the IS even though I haven't yet played around with it alot.