Monday, November 28, 2005

Cornfield in Cambridgeshire

This is an image from a cornfield near where I work. From normal height, it's nothing special. But, taken low down, and using a filter to accentuate the sky, I was pleased to get this more dramatic take on an everyday scene. The sky was pretty stormy anyway, but I boosted it a little using Photoshop CS levels, and warmed up the corn husks a bit too. Then, I increased contrast and sharpened the whole thing, making the foreground sharper than the distance. I did this to get as much detail out of the interesting decaying corn as possible. I had two layers of the same image, sharpened the lower one a lot, then, using a mask in Photoshop, lightly brushed away the top, less-sharp layer to reveal the sharper elements below.



Critical Light said...

Hi there,

One comment. Could you have used a gradient on the mask for the sharpness to achieve the same effect?

Ivan said...

Hi Damian

You could, but I wanted to reveal the irregular shapes of the corn husks in the foreground, and I thought that a linear gradient would have been a bit artificial. That said, you could do as you suggest to mask off the sky etc in one go, and then use a brush to mask the remaining shapes. Good suggestion. In fact, thinking about it, you could mask the whole thing with a paint-bucket fill on the mask, and then get the white (reveal) brush, and paint through to the sharp below. As ever, there are loads of ways to do these things...