Monday, November 28, 2005

More Crystal Crescent Beach pictures...

A couple more pictures from the same beach that Damian posted to below. These were taken in April 2005, which I presumed would be freezing cold in Nova Scotia (usually is, I'm told..). However, on this day in particular, it was a very nice mid 20's, and calm - not like Damian's freezing encounter below!

The sky is not as dramatic as Damian's post, and it had to be filtered to retain any detail against the bright beach and walkway. This has led to a slightly unattractive quality in each sky, but at least there's something there.

This beach and coastline is truely dramatic, and the "naked forest" further round the coast was like something we'd never seen before - I'll try and post some pictures later to show what I mean.

The path in the top image is the same one that can be seen in the left corner of Damian's image, and it does provide a classic "lead in" to the picture. This is what I was trying to achieve, but I'm not sure if it dominates the scene as it fills the main part of the picture. I'd welcome any comments on either/both of these images.


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