Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Grant, this is the DSLR for you...

If ever you were thinking of taking the DSLR plunge, this is the time, and price, to do it. You can get the 350D and lens for under £500 delivered. There's also the Nikon D50 for under £500, or the Nikon D70 for under £600, but both of these are only 6MP, compared to the 8MP of the 350D.
Now's the time...


bishopsindubai said...

Wow - posts from Ivan are like buses... wait for a while etc!

I know the little one is fast approaching - I hope all is prepared and ready (including Mum of course, that's Kate not Lucy by the way - you might need to remember that!)

I did think you may go dark for a while...

I must email you very soon.

Getting back to the topic - I have just seen today that the Nikon N50 body only is about 350 UK pounds currently.

Given a choice of any of these three - would you still go for the 350D even if it is equal or most expensive?

(I know - I will fully check this out myself to - but just asking opinions!)



bishopsindubai said...

350 UK pounds to buy here in Dubai that is, if you see what I mean.

Ivan said...


The Nikon D50 is a good camera, as is the D70s, but definitely more basic than the 350D (although it does have a spot light meter, which is great). Also, 6MP is just that bit "yesterday", and the extra 2MP will help you get higher res images (not much, but a bit), and the image quality (noise, sharpness, colour rendition) are all better in the tests/reviews I've seen. The 350D is a small SLR which some folks don't like. But, I have reasonably sized hands, and it's not too small for me. I like the compactness. Also, I think Canon optics are generally regarded as better than Nikon, although you can buy third party lenses with either Nikon or Canon mount fitting. The write speed (with a decent card) is excellent on the 350D, even for RAW files, which is a real winner. It has the same processor as the 20D and it's new replacement the 30D, which are much more expensive. As you say, try it out and see. If you buy either a D50, D70s or 350D you will have a good entry-level DSLR, with not that much to pick between them. If the D50 was 8MP, I may recommend it purely for the spot meter, which is a brilliant thing for accurate metering. 350D has a partial spot meter, meaning it meters from an area of about 7-9% in the centre, rather than 1-2%.