Saturday, July 08, 2006

Morning light

What is the photo of - The bathroom tap and sink in morning sunlight

When was the photo taken - Just the other day, in the morning at around 9'ish I suppose

Where was the photo taken - In my bathroom

Why was the photo taken - I was sat on the toilet (!) and I saw this amazing light come into the bathroom and create this wonderful sight

Why was this composition chosen - I sat there thinking hard about what it was that really struck me. I realised that it wasn't the whole tap but only part of it, and that the real focus was the silhouette of the tap on the white basin. So I moved in real close.

How was the photo taken - f320 at f11. ISO 200. JPEG. 85mm focal length

How was the photo processed - Pretty basic adjustments. Just adjusted the levels and I think I added some sharpening but that is about it.

So I just wanted to share this with you. I really like the photo.

Morning light


Ivan said...

Hey Damo

Nice pic - I like it. But what the hell were you doing in the loo with you camera??

Joking apart, I like the shadow, and how it curves on the basin. This could work really well as a mono image, as it's nearly there anyway. Perhaps give it a try.

I've done next to no photography recently, hence the shocking lack of contributions. Must get ass into gear soon. Grant, you still similarly busy?

Cheers all

Critical Light said...

Hi there,

Well I was about to email you because I thought our little blog was drying up and dying in the summer sun (or heat if you are in the UK).

Because of the Miksang, I shoot pics quite regularly but I haven't been out shooting other stuff for ages.

As for me being on the loo with my camera: I saw this light facing me from my throne and scuttled out of the loo with trousers around my ankles to get my camera. A similar thing happpened this morning as I stepped out of the shower, but being entirely naked seems better than scuttling around half naked but with a dirty bottom!


bishopsindubai said...

Hi Guys,

Yes... I too have been pretty house bound. It's averaging 47 degrees C and about 80 humidity right now.

Sorry for the lack of posts from my side.

Once the temp drops a bit I hope to get my sh*t together a bit more.

We were going to go to Kerala in India late Aug but have changed to Crete instead - hope to get some good shots there...

Hope you both well.

Take care and best,