Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My new lens is coming...

Very excited - my new Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens is coming! I've long wanted a proper wide-angle lens, and this EF-S lens is the ideal balance of Canon quality and affordability. Got it for £399.99 (compared to the £550-600 from high street retailers and UK websites) from OneStop-Digital, from Hong Kong. It's en route now.

The "S" means it's been developed for reduced AP-S size sensors in DSLRs, hence the 10-22, which, when multiplied by the 1.6x (due to the smaller AP-S sensor) comes in at 16-35 in 35mm format. It's not Image Stabilised (like the 17-85 Damo and I both have), but, as a proper wide angle for landscapes, one should really be using a tripod anyway...
Will update and post when it arrives.


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