Friday, July 28, 2006

My lovely new lens...

...has arrived, and the first decent pic I have taken (last evening, between massive thunderstorms) is here. It may not be apparent, but other shots I have taken here, with the 28-135mm lens does not allow for such a good amount of foreground while also including a good amount of background and sky in the same image. Also, nice sharp detail from very close to the distance. Will need to get used to it, but I'm sure it's a winner. The low res picture below does not show the great image quality with the lens.

The shot is from down in the local nature reserve, at the end of our street, by the River Cam.


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Critical Light said...

Hi there,

Yes, it is hard to see from the small image the depth of sharpness but I get a feel for it. I expect to see lots of good landscape shots from this lens.