Sunday, July 23, 2006

Portrait Assignment 3 - Portrait of Joseph

This is my third and final posting for the Portrait assigmnent.

What is the photo of
-My nephew Joseph.

When was the photo taken - 25 May 2006 at noon

Where was the photo taken - In the house; Brighton

Why was the photo taken - I had my camera out shooting stuff and he looked right at me, quite close to the camera, in a different sort of way.

Why was this composition chosen - Joseph sort of created the composition since he tilted his head and stared at the camera and was quite close to it. I just waited for the right moment when everything looked good. I liked the way he looked at me, since it was different; the tilt of the head, the stare at the camera. I moved in closer to him and really focused my attention on those melting eyes. He looks quite puppy'ish.

How was the photo taken - 1/60 at f5.6; RAW; focal length 85mm; ISO 100; flash

How was the photo processed - I will get few points here since the very basics were done. Exposure, white balance, curves, saturation were done in Camera RAW. Slight adjustments to these settings were made in PS. And that is it. There is an odd shadow in the lower right of the image. I tried to crop the image to remove it but it really changed the overall composition of the photo; the focus moves away from the eyes when cropped. So I decided to leave it in and hope it is not too distracting.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm - unusual angle, so I like that. Flash has caused a shadow on the upper eyelids, which I don't like, and it's a shame not the see the mouth. The shadow bottom right is a little distracting, but not bad. Also, there's space over on the left, which distracts more. Shame that wasn't cropped out. Original composition, but not though-out to be so. Flash bad, but I guess adds to the reportage nature...

As it's a grab shot, with little "thought" to composition and little technical fiddling, I'll give this a score based on what I think overall, it's impact. It's technically flawed, but has a certain impact indicated above. It's different, but still missing something. I think overall I'd give it 6. I know it's lazy not to do the categories, but I knew it would be a lowish score for me, and many of the categories don't fit this one...maybe I'm wrong, and I could have done it from first principles.

Critical Light said...

Yes. I guess I rushed my last posting for the assignment. I suppose I need to work more on my portrait work.