Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Recent shot of Abby, taken while she was in that zone between alert and asleep. I had taken a few similar shots, but one eye was in shadow, with no catch-light. I turned her bouncer towards the window, to illuminate both eyes, as the contact was great. The look in her eyes is one of maturity and peace beyond her 4 months, but I do wonder what she was "thinking". It has been cropped a little and I am happy with the blue-ish cast: seems to suit the early morning nature of the shot. I know there are deep shadows and other white areas that may distract, but the eyes are so intense and draw you in so much that I don't really notice.

Interested in your views, as ever.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan,

The eyes, I think, in a portrait are the most important, most energetic part of the photograph. And they really do need to be 'lit'. Both eyes in this photograph immediately grab you which I like. However, for me the blue cast is too distracting and not comfortable for my eye.