Thursday, January 18, 2007

Photography Goals for 2007

Have any of you made goals for 2007 with regard to your photography? What would you like to achieve this year and how are you going to make it happen?

My list of goals is below. Some are more readily achieved than others, and I may not get through them all with little Abby's arrival...however, no point making them all easy.

  1. To be a regular attendee at CCC - took a severe hit in 2006, but this should change soon
  2. To complete the population of my website and to build in the purchase prints facility
  3. To have one or more of my prints available for sale in a local outlet in/around Cambridge
  4. To sell some of my prints to paying punters (this could be linked in to number 2)
  5. To have some more "success" in CCC competitions and perhaps inter-club competitions too
  6. To enter one image in this year's CCC Annual Exhibition
  7. To enter, and hopefully be placed in at least one round, a national photo competition (e.g. a magazine "Photographer of the Year" type competition
  8. To obtain Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) status in Photoshop
  9. To begin the process of obtaining another photographic "qualification", through CCC
  10. To stop buying as many books and magazines, and start doing more photography!!

I hope to be able to revisit these later in the year - and at the end - and have ticked them all off.

What are yours?


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