Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Photoshop CS3

Just when you were starting to get to grips with CS/'s time for CS3 . Hit the link for a run-down on the key changes over CS2. I may wait for this and upgrade CS to CS3, if it will let me do that...

I don't think I would use some of the features of CS3, but, as I only have CS (which does not have the 350D as part of camera Raw - in fact, the 350D can only be added as an update via CS2) I would upgrade for the "improved" Camera Raw alone.


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Anonymous said...


I am very happy with CS2 and am still learning lots. Just finished a book on Camera Raw and realised how much I didn't know and how much you need to know before editing RAW files. So I feel more competent now.

Don't recall the name of the book but if you are interested I will post it.