Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Printer Inks

Does anyone have experience of using non-branded inks in their printer? Epson inks are very expensive (£12 per cartridge for the Epson Photo 950) and a set of 6 can set you back nearly £70 or more. I have come across many sites on the internet selling "Epson compatible" inks, which are clearly marked as non-Epson originals, but made by a 3rd party manufacturer: a kind of generic version of the original inks.

I don't know

a) if these inks actually look any good
b) if they have the same ink permanence to light
c) if this is a false economy

They are much cheaper - £20-30 for a set of 6, less if multiple packs of 6 are purchased at the same time.

My instincts tell me that they can't be as good, but (in my pharma industry) generic drugs are just as good as the orginals (although they need to be for safety reasons).

I guess cheaper recordable CDs are not as good as branded CDs, so maybe the same applies here.

Any thoughts or experience?


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