Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Working the back catalogue

I find that I have less time these days to get out and shoot. This can be a concern, a worry and a bit frustrating at times.

However, I NEVER throw away any pictures, so this provides ample opportunity to plunder my back catalogue - assuming I can ever find anything (more on that in another post) - and re-work, revisit and rethink (including recropping) images that I have either not fully evaluated or had postponed to the digital shoebox...

I have thousands of un-editited images - some of these will be rescueable, some will be pretty decent, just requiring the usual tweaks. I had a go last night, with some images from Parc Guell in Barcelona. The colours of the characteristic tiles and Goudi-inspired designs made great substrate, and I got a handful of nicely worked- up images. I'll post these soon.

Do you throw images away? Do you get back to them in time, or are they taking up space on your hard disk? Could you revisit these and rework into great images?


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