Thursday, February 01, 2007

Barcelona Revisited

As I mentioned in the previous post, having less opportunity to get out with the camera has prompted me to revisit my extensive archive of digital images, and see what I can produce in terms of great images.

At a rough guess, I must have about 15,000 images on the hard drive, and I have worked on a few hundred, so about 2-3%! Many of these will be out of focus, same image but at a slightly different exposure, or just plain rubbish. Assuming that this accounts for at least half of the images (it's likely more), that means that I have worked on only about 10% of useable images. There must be some good ones lurking in all those 1's and 0's.

Well, I think there are, and here are a few from Barcelona from a couple of years back. As ever, your comments on the issue(s) raised and your views on the images presented are welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan

You may have guessed that I like these images; they are somewhat abstract, colourful and I can sense your 'feelings' when you saw these sights. The one I do not care for much is that of the building; doesn't really speak to me. The other shots have a feeling of movement or splashes of colour, form and texture that capture and hold the viewer's eye.