Friday, February 02, 2007

A Return In Blue

Dear Critical Light,

I have been so remiss. I do have you on my Google Reader - I do see your posts.

I must post and comment more. Here is a shot from today, one of my first panning shots ever. I would love any input...

My photo ambitions for 2007 are:-

1) Continue with Dubai Daily Photo
2) Improve my critical eye
3) Learn far more in camera shooting techniques
4) Use CS2 far more often.
5) Say Picasa is the easy way out 100 times a day
6) Call Ivan and Kate far more often.
7) Purchase a Canon 400D asap
8) and then some fine lenses inc. mr wide angle
9) Upgrade to Mac
10) Wonder where my life went to....

All the best,



Anonymous said...


Nice to hear from you again on the blog.

Great image - the bike and riders are sharp and the background nicely motion blurred. Good placement too, indicating movement from one side to another. I have not tried any panning before (landscapes tend not to require such) and this looks good. Full marks from me.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I really like this shot. The colours are great, both on the bike and in the background. THe red of the bike and the red on the building create a connection for the eye. THe blue nicely blends in with the red creating good contrast and again there is a connection with the blue on the building.

The composition is excellent. The bike on the far-left, the tree and the building add interest in the background. The fact that the whole building isn't shown emphasises the fact that there is more to this image on the right, in the direction of the bike. You know what I mean? The white strips across the road add more colour contrast and interest for the eye.

All in all, a good photo, both technically and artistically.