Friday, February 23, 2007

Leaf and Bark detail

I was recently out walking by the Cam, near where we live. It was a grey overcast day, and there appeared little to inspire me. So, in time-honoured tradition, I tried to look for interesting details, colour and texture.

I shot in RAW - something I am comitted to do from now on - and the result is this little image below.

Cropped a little to remove unwanted distracting leaves, and then adjusted in the supplied Canon software for 350D RAW conversion. It was great to bring back some of the detail in the shadow area - much easier and subtle than in JPEG....

Comments welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Well it may not surprise you that this shot appeals to me. I like simple shots, and I like to really open my eyes to these shots when I am out. Hence the 'assignment on colour'.

Nice contrast of texture, nice contrast of colour with details of the veins running through the leaves.

This is the type of shot that many people never see because they never 'look'.

When I first started shooting in RAW I also used the supplied Canon software for editing. You will be very excited/happy/thrilled when you start to use CameraRAW...