Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Suggested Assignment on Colour

Here is a suggestion for an assignment. If you think it is not a good idea then please say so, otherwise lets see what we can produce.

Colour is a dominant theme in the images we see and in the photographs that capture those images. There may be a wide gamut of colour in a photo, for example in a Ivan T. landscape shot or a photo may have few colours but each being strong, punchy, dominant, striking.

When one focuses just on colour in the world, as one drives, bikes or walks to work, or as one putters about in the kitchen or wherever, then colour starts to jump out at you all the time. Colour is everywhere.

This assignment is really quite simple. I propose that for a few days during your busy working week you try to focus your eyes on colour. Without your camera. Leave the camera at home and use your eyes as your camera to see and capture the colours in your daily life. As you drive to work, sit at your desk, east your sandwich, hoover the lounge... Get your eyes use to seeing colour...not texture, or objects, or things just colour.

Then, after those few days, take your camera with you to work or wherever you go and try to capture the colours you see in your daily life on film.

Lets say that each person can post up to three images. The photos have to represent colour foremost. Thus, when one looks at the photo the first thing they think is colour.

Comments, suggestions welcome.



Anonymous said...


Sounds good. I like the approach and the task. How interesting!

How are you getting on with my assignment?

Gareth - you enigmatically hinted at having something up your sleeve for the self-portrait assignment (which is still current too).


Anonymous said...


I have both of the files and started cropping the image that you did NOT post. I need to erase your impressions of the other photo from my mind so I am not swayed.

It is an interesting exercise in really looking at a photo...should have something soon.

I seem to be getting better at fitting in more photography, although I get a lot of nagging from Sue if I spend too much time in my `studio`....easily done