Friday, February 02, 2007

2007 Photography Goals - End of January review

As part of my on-going review of my 2007 goals (God, it's like being at work now...), I aim to review these at the first of each month. Remind me if I forget. Anyway, here we go...

1. To be a regular attendee at CCC - took a severe hit in 2006, but this should change soon UPDATE - I have been to the last two sessions, and aim to be there for the remainder of the season.

2. To complete the population of my website and to build in the purchase prints facility. UPDATE - I have put a few more images on there. Nothing done about the PayPal yet, but that's just a couple of "clicks" to enable that.

3. To have one or more of my prints available for sale in a local outlet in/around Cambridge. UPDATE - nothing to report yet.

4. To sell some of my prints to paying punters (this could be linked in to number 2). UPDATE - a friend from Cambridge wishes to purchase some prints for his home and company office. More on this later.

5. To have some more "success" in CCC competitions and perhaps inter-club competitions too. UPDATE - I got a "Highly Commended" grading in the last projected image competition.

6. To enter one image in this year's CCC Annual Exhibition. UPDATE - on reflection, this is not a "goal", as I think each member is allowed to enter one image each. However, it's on there to make sure I do it. Nothing to report yet - this is much later in the year.

7. To enter, and hopefully be placed in at least one round, a national photo competition (e.g. a magazine "Photographer of the Year" type competition. UPDATE - I am preparing 2 images to be entered in the "Practical Photography" POTY competition Round 2 - Sunset to Sunrise. As you know, I have a few of these...deadline is 15 Feb. Watch this space.

8. To obtain Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) status in Photoshop. UPDATE - nothing to report.

9. To begin the process of obtaining another photographic "qualification", through CCC. UPDATE - nothing to report.

10. To stop buying as many books and magazines, and start doing more photography!! UPDATE - I have started re-visiting my digital back-catalogue and have decided to subscribe to a magazine, rather than buy ad-hoc each month (when I tend to buy more than 1). Also, subscription will be cheaper.

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